Wusthof Knives Reviews [2020] – User’s Guide

This Wusthof Knives Review explores what makes Wusthof knives the Mercedes of the industry.  Established in 1814, Wusthof is a seven generation owned company located in Solingen, Germany.  Wusthof is a world leader in providing the highest quality knives in the industry.

The Wusthof Company has a forty step manufacturing process for their knives. They feel these steps are necessary in order to create a high quality knife from a solid piece of steel.

The Wusthof knives have a life time warranty which is the best in the industry.  Professional chefs and cooking enthusiast around the world make Wusthof knives their first choice.

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Wusthof makes an enormous variety of cutlery.  Their cutlery line includes paring knives, carving knives, and boning knives.  Their Classic line is their most popular series.  The Wusthof Knives Review found that the Wusthof Classic 8-Piece Block Set is typically the people’s choice in most surveys.

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The Wusthof Classic line has triple-rivet black handles with heavy, forged blades of high-carbon steel.  The tang extends the full length of the handle for extra balance and durability.  The knife’s polypropylene handles are riveted to the metal tang.

Using This Wusthof Knives Review

Use this Wusthof Knives Review to better understand that knives you should have in your kitchen.  Wusthof knives received the highest rating in almost all the third party reviews that we could locate.  Users also gave them almost perfect marks.  One reason for this popularity is that all Wusthof knives are required to be easy to use and keep a sharp edge. Sharp edge knives are safer knives when used properly.
Our review found that some people were concerned about the price of these knives.  However, the Wusthof lifetime warranty will most likely mean that, with proper care, you will not be replacing these knives as with less expensive knives.

The one time cost of the Wusthof knives may seem like an expensive investment.  However, adding in the cost of having to sharpen cheaper knives more often plus reducing their life expectancy, and the Wusthof knives may even become a bargain.

Although most users like the Wusthof knives, several reviews note that the handles can be uncomfortable, especially for those with larger hands. On the other hand, the Wusthof Knives Review found that it was almost unanimous among users of the knives that the heavy forged steel blades are very lasting and durable. These users also noted that the Wusthof knives can maintain a razor sharp edge for a long time.
One person reviewed told us that she tried her favorite test to determine the quality of a Wusthof knife compared to her inexpensive knives.  She cut an uncooked potato with her old knives and then with the Wusthof knives. “The difference surprised and amazed me” she said. “I was able to slice through a potato like hot butter with the Wusthof knives. When I picked up the old knife I had to actually “saw” a bit to get through it. These Wusthof knifes will almost cut through the same potato with only the weight of the knife!”

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Who Should Buy Wusthof Knives?

It is a good idea to evaluate your cooking habits and needs before selecting your kitchen cutlery.  Don’t be dazzled by the many types of specialty knives available when in reality you don’t really know how to use them properly or what their purpose is.  Once you have done your homework, then select the knives that best fit your requirements.

Our Wusthof Knives Review indicated that these knives are not for those with a tight budget.  But if you are one who enjoys cooking, desires reliable knives that are a pleasure to use each day, and wants knives that are safe to use – – then investing in high quality knives like Wusthof will pay dividends in the long run.

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